Cargo Theft Reaches New High Due to Inside Jobs

Tis’ the season of stealing with cargo thefts climbing the charts as the holidays quickly approach.

According to Diversified Risk Management, Inc.’s George Ramos, Jr., “Over the past decade, cargo theft has risen dramatically but it’s never been as high as it is now” (

Theft results in a loss of more than $30 billion in the transportation/shipping industry every year with numbers increasing in the later months, an article in notes.

California tops states with the most stolen goods, but everyone is warned to remain on the lookout since all cargo is at risk and take protective measures before a crime is committed that costs both the shipper and carrier money.

Road Scholar Transport has already protected their tractor trailers (and your cargo) with security devices that monitor all door openings and closures, track the precise location of all trucks at any given time, panic buttons to prevent operation of the vehicle, and much more, constantly keeping a close surveillance on all freight.

The article explains that cargo is usually taken during transport and with many of these being the result of “inside jobs.”  Thieves often target specific freight, such as electronics or pharmaceuticals.  With many tractor trailers unable to distinguish exactly what goods trucks are transporting, the only way for thieves to know what is inside is through the shipper or truck driver providing the information to them.

With this being said, Ramos suggests that companies take preventative measures such as hiring undercover workers to keep an eye out for any “inside” deals and to always background check and drug test their employees (

Road Scholar Transport drug tests every new hire and 50% of drivers every year, with 10 year criminal background checks on all drivers.  With Road Scholar Transport, you can guaranteed that your cargo will be safe.

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